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and I was in the darkness, so darkness I became..
lost and
happy birthday...

and i don't wanna spoil the mood.

but let's face it. we are a massive failure. 

'once again. off again.' he wrote. 

yes, exactly. once again, my birthday. once again, you're walking away from it. not saying anything. ignoring the day. 

and your brother stops knowing me. and you walk away. 

no. i shouldn't expect anything from you. it's not fair, to expect anything from you. you don't owe me a single thing. 

and there's nothing that makes me happy right now.
and there's nothing i could do, to get closer to you now.
not a single thing.

yes, i need to take myself away.
and pull my heart away.

you do me nothing. and it destroys me.

my birthday, again. and i want to perish, again. 

yes, indeed. once again. off again. 

15.3.10 00:36

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